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Madison Air™ exists to help our customers realize the often invisible, but very real return better air has for us all. We believe better air is a transformational force for good and we are on a mission to unleash it.

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Fully-customized line of cleanroom equipment including ceiling grids, unidirectional plenums and custom air handling equipment serving all classes and grades of cleanrooms in the semiconductor and life sciences industries.

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Data Centers

End-to-end systems that keep up with the world’s biggest technology companies and reduce water and power usage while doing it.

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Superior indoor air quality is particularly important for the students and educators who use your buildings. In addition, growth chambers and precise controls are critical to universities plant science research applications.

Growth chambers and precise controls are critical to demanding plant science research applications.

All while reducing energy consumption.

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Fitness Centers

Reliable dehumidification and air movement that works just as hard as your members and athletes.

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Food Processing

Hygienic Air Handlers for critical process applications in food processing facilities to cool, control humidity, assist with sterilization and supply positive room pressure.

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Innovative, reliable, high-efficiency custom solutions to help you create safe, clean and comfortable environments for the patients and staff in your healthcare facility.

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Indoor Farming

Expertise, efficiency and quality products delivering the most consistent and predictable environment for plants to flourish.

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Control the temperature and comfort of manufacturing facilities in every season and realize benefits in productivity, worker safety and energy efficiency.

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Top tier residential heating, cooling and ventilation equipment that distributors, contractors and homeowners love.

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Elevate the shopping experience and boost sales by increasing levels of fresh air and managing humidity.

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Wind Energy

State of the art heat exchanger for high cooling efficiency and optimized system design for low power consumption. Self-cleaning provides full protection of internal air from salt, sand and dust.

Return on Air™ Case Studies

Madison Air’s advantage is using superior air to power positive change: a more productive workforce, reduced environmental footprint, decreased downtime, and assets protected and optimized for best performance. We call this Return on Air.

Case studies

Nortek Data Center Cooling’s StatePoint® Liquid Cooling Technology Digital Edge Data Center

Case studies

From Classic to Cutting-Edge: PanAmerican Seed’s Journey with Argus TITAN

Case studies

Quality begins with precise control

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Case studies

Good air is good for business

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Case studies

Fanning the flames for better heat distribution

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Case studies

Keeping data cool and the world connected

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“Big Ass Fans brings value to our entire organization”

Rocky ChristenberryExecutive Vice President, Priefert Steel and Manufacturing

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