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National Builder and Broan-NuTone Industry Leading Expertise at a Critical Time

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Case studies


When a top national builder didn’t have the right climate specific ventilation in their new homes in Florida the homes started having extensive humidity issues. It caused mold damage to the home itself in addition to unhealthy indoor air for the new homeowners.

Consequently, a class action lawsuit had been filed by the homeowners and they faced the loss of millions of dollars in litigation, along with their reputation which would impact future homes sales.


Broan-NuTone brought industry leading technical expertise directly to this top builder to quickly solve the problem, by traveling to work alongside the engineering team. The FAS team worked with the builder’s engineering team educating them on the specific ventilation requirements that are critical for the Florida climate, developed custom technical documents, training and new ventilation designs resulting in a solution to mitigate the humidity problem in a very specific climate.


The Client identified this as their #1 profitability project. The return on air for the client was reduced construction costs and accelerated timelines.

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