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Schermerhorn Symphony Center – Standing Ovation for Knockdown Air Handlers

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Case studies


The Cumberland River burst its banks, causing the worst flood in Nashville’s history. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center suffered terrible losses – musical instruments and mechanical systems were destroyed. Replacements needed to meet or exceed the extremely low Preferred Noise Criteria (PNC – 10).


The modular nature and small footprint of the knockdown air handlers allowed the system to be installed without damaging the building and reconfigured on a platform six feet above the basement floor to help avoid a recurrence of flood damage. In addition, the acoustic performance exceeded the previous system.


In most octave bands, the units were more than a 15dB improvement over the Symphony Center’s old air handlers. The ROA for Schermerhorn is that they were able to eliminate over 25% of the sound-attenuation structure installed in the ductwork.

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