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Sutter Roseville Medical Center – Keeping patients safe and costs low

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Case studies


The Sutter Roseville Medical Center had a single aging vaneaxial fan servicing all the patient rooms and key surgical suites. In the event of a fan motor failure, the medical center would need to move all their patients including those in critical areas, to other facilities. This was unacceptable. The hospital administration also needed to reduce energy use in order to manage operating costs at the facility.


The innovative solution was two FANWALL multiple fan arrays that were moved into place and installed while the original fan stayed in service. The redundancy in fan capacity provides peace of mind and variable speed drives for all the fans ensure the exact airflow requirements can be met.


The return on air resulted in significant energy savings,  a 43% drop in energy use. The new design provides system reliability and greater fan capacity allowing for future expansion – operating at 79% of fan capacity – compared with 98% for the old vaneaxial fan

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