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Keeping data cool and the world connected

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Case studies
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Digital Edge builds and operates state-of-the-art, energy-efficient data centers. As they were building a new center in the Philippines, they knew the hot and humid climate would pose a challenge to both keeping the data center cool and meeting their sustainability goals.


The Nortek StatePoint® Liquid Cooling technology was selected because it sets the bar for sustainability in cooling data centers while simultaneously lowering operational costs.  It is the only system with dynamic operation modes and patented exchanger technology which optimizes water and energy usage in real time making Digital Edge’s Manila facility one of the most efficient data centers in the market. 


The return on air is a more cost effective and environmentally responsible solution for data center cooling.  Energy savings of 15% and water savings of 17% were instrumental in achieving LEED gold certification for this location.

“The results we’re seeing in Manila are truly phenomenal, particularly for a data center in this kind of climate.”

Jay ParkChief Development Officer, Digital Edge